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Sales force Estimating Software for the TabletPC, eliminates data entry at the office. Price the job, print the proposal, save photos, draw diagrams, installer notes and close the sale before leaving the job site.

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The most advanced portable sales estimating system available to the construction subcontracting trades. Why? First take the power of the pen. TabletPC technology allows a user to write on the screen, just like you would on a clip board. Then it turns your writing into typed text, allowing a sales rep the freedom to enter the information while measuring the job. Next, all of the items that your company installs is at their fingertips, including pricing and labor, so while they are entering measurements, they are actually estimating the job.

Next, add Drawings and Photographs to the estimate. Make notes for installers on your digital images and then store them with the estimate. They will be saved in the job file back at the office.

Now, print a Proposal for your customer and close the sale.

Other features include a sales call scheduling system, to do list, customer entry, a detailed list of measurements taken on the job, measurement deductions and percentage calculations, copy job feature, and Installer notes.

All of the job information is collected on the TabletPC will produce the documents required to complete the job.


  • More time spent making sales calls. Eliminates the need for data entry in the office.
  • Close more sales in one visit - immediately present customer with a professional proposal
  • Links sales call scheduling from the office to the TabletPC
  • Present a professional image to your customers - Eliminate most return trips and sell the job on the first visit


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