Software Consulting for Construction Subcontractors
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Management Consulting Services
Business management services for construction subcontractors. Key factors in the logistics of operating a successful business customized for your industry.


Sales force Estimating Software for the TabletPC, eliminates data entry at the office. Price the job, print the proposal and close the sale before leaving the job site, then sync into your system.

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"They tought me how to keep my overhead low and at the same time allow my business to grow. In our 23 years we have never had such a handle on our business. A Jason Smith - President/Owner
Quality Insulation & Fireplaces


"Fabulous! They took all of the guesswork out of estimating and I know what my sales reps are doing at all times. They made our estimating systemized, efficient and correct. I know what's going on! Our invoicing has never been more efficient because it's all tied back to the sales reps initial input. This is a manpower enhancer."
Bill O'Hanley - Owner/President
Newport Roofing and Construction


"They helped me fulfill my role as an owner; to work on my business instead of in my business. It has helped us implement and follow our processes and streamline all the paperwork.
Carlos L. Rodriguez - Owner/President
Mr. Roofing Inc.


"They allowed us to streamline the flow of information through the entire job process, eliminating hours of duplication.
Michael Hampton - Manager
Jim Fisher Roofing & Construction, Inc.



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