CMS Links and Software Consulting for Subcontractors
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Management Consulting Services
Business management services for construction subcontractors. Key factors in the logistics of operating a successful business customized for your industry.


Sales force Estimating Software for the TabletPC, eliminates data entry at the office. Price the job, print the proposal and close the sale before leaving the job site, then sync all measured jobs into your system.


Experienced Programmers

CMSN is looking for experienced programmers with Perl, XML, and IIS experience to help bring legacy software from 2003 Servers onto the new 2008-12 IIS platform

  • Perl, XML, and IIS Programmers

Subcontractors are looking for the latest in business management services to help them streamline their day-to-day operations. We are searching for independent forward thinking individuals who have a minimum of 10 Years Experience in software projects.

Become an expert in your field by offering cutting edge technology with the backing of years of proven business logic that will help your customer grow their business.  For more information, contact .


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